The Fabric Of Play

The fabric of play is a sensory play experience, where kids get to be active and creative with handcrafted loose parts made with repurposed materials.


  • Gross motor skills and being physically active
  • Invitations to imaginative play and creativity
  • Development of social and emotional skills as they play alongside others
  • Greater awareness of waste minimisation by using repurposed materials

Suitable for ages 18 month to 7 year.

I have been on a learning  journey of my own over the last couple of years through my work as a play coach with Junky Monkeys.  Giving children a rich open ended play environment has been a great joy and learning about the importance of learning through play.  I have been inspired by a number of ideas and people I have seen online who have made wonderful sensory play environments from fabric and it seems the perfect mix for my love of sewing and creating play.

I have been working closely with the wonderful Kate Webber form Junky Monkeys to bring these ideas to life.  I am working away at increasing my pile of creations and look forward to bringing them out for some play soon. 

These photos were taken at the first outing of The Fabric Of Play.  We were at a community event in Mt Eden.  My fabric creations mixed so well with the Junky Monkey junk.  It was a hugely successful day and one I hope we can repeat soon.