About Holly View Creative


My grandparents lived in a house called Holly View.  My dad had many stories about growing up there, and it seemed such an idyllic time when kids roamed free, had opened ended play and a time before our throwaway culture and era of plastic.

My sewing journey started in school when I did GCSE  and 'A' level Textiles but I didn't really pick it up again until I moved to New Zealand and had kids.  (My son's curtains are still looking fabulous eleven years later.)

When both kids were in school I started to make Boomerang Bags, and I started a group where I live in Kaipatiki,  North Shore, Auckland.  That was the start of my up-cycling journey and awareness of the plastic problem.

I have made many, many Boomerang Bags and I think most of my friends have been given one at some point.  But I also wanted to make other things from upcycled material; So Holly View Creative was born.

The first things I made apart from the simple tote bag was the humble peg bag, and I really just love them.  I have my grandmother peg bag.  It's nothing fancy or even home made, but it speaks of an era where drying your clothes meant hanging them outside to dry.  It's just a good old fashioned practical bag and I have designed my own peg bag with this one as my inspiration.  I even have some of her old wooden pegs still going strong all these years later. 

I have made many gift bags and my latest creation is a peg apron, or as I like to think of it a multi-use apron.  I have had a lot of positive feedback about them. 

So here is Holly View Creative.  I thank you for taking your time to visit and look at my products and creations.

I believe in little steps, little changes to our everyday lives that can make a big difference.  Using a reusable bag for your shopping, hanging your washing out to dry, putting your gift in a gift bag or choosing a non-plastic toy.  All these things can be the start of a better future for our children.

Much love to you all.