Holly Hedgehog

Meet Holly Hedgehog.

Holly Hedgehog made by Holly View Creative to use up my material scraps to reduce less waste.
I've been looking for a while to find a design that I could put my fabric scraps to good use but also be a useful item.  When I found this design I new I was onto a winner.  Holly Hedgehog door stop was born!
I had my heart set on a hedgehog to call Holly!
This design is from Funky Friends Factory.  She had many other designs, so if you fancy making one yourself or another design check out her website.
It's important for me to do all I can to reduce waste.  I always use second hand, pre-loved fabric, and I use other small off-cuts to make other items like bunting or coasters.  But there are still off-cuts that can't be used so now I put them into Holly.
I always have a 'Holly' on the go for my scraps and I put as much into her as possible.  I then add a few river stones to her tummy and sew her up.  She weighs about 2 kg so perfect for fun pretty door stop.
I can make to order with favourite colours.  Just message me at hollyviewcreative@gmail.com or through facebook or instagram.
Holly View Creative Holly Hedgehog,  made with fabric scraps.
This was a custom order.  Greens and blues. 
Holly View Creative Holly Hedgehog made with fabric scraps.  Used as a pin holder.
My first 'Holly' keeps me company in my sewing room and looks after my pins.
You can order one today by emailing me