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Reusable Pass the Parcel Set with Matching Bunting.

This set includes

10 pass the parcel bags

Winners token

2 sets of 12 flag matching bunting. (2m each)

10 Chocolate coins. (for you to eat!)

Perfect Eco kids party game and suitable for all ages.

Each Bag in this set decreases in size until you get to the prize or winner's token.  The winner's token can be used if your prize is bigger than the smallest bag.

There is space in each bag to also add a small prize or treat in each layer. Chocolate coin for example, or your favourite treat.

The bags are easily opened or closed with a loop of elastic around a button.

You wont need to worry about more than one layer being ripped open by mistake.This bunting can be used around your party table, on a wall or draped over bookcase. 

Watch this video of me putting together the pass the parcel bags.

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