Sustainably focused Items for your Home & Celebrations

Reusable Christmas Crackers

Christmas Decorations

Peg/Multi Use Apron

Streamline your chores and keep your pegs within reach using these Multi Use Aprons.

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Peg Bag

Effortlessly Organise Your Home with this Old School Peg Bag.

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Discover My Sustainable Coasters Crafted from Colourful Off-Cuts of Fabric. From Only $5

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Sustainable Birthday Parties

Host an Earth-Conscious Celebration Check Out My Collection of Waste-Free Birthday Party Items.

-Reusable Pass the Parcel Game

-Party Crowns


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So, why repurpose and upcycle?

Reusing and repurposing gives us more control of the waste we create. For those of us wanting to look after the planet we need to get in the habit of reusing and repurposing. There is a huge amount of clothes and fabric going to landfill and that is an incredible waste of resources. Repurposing is a more responsible choice for our planet.

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